sangkar – infinitus entertainment limited 夢造者娛樂有限公司-j9九游会网


adam, a cocky mma fighter wins a fight using dirty tactics and then when challenged outside the cage, unintentionally injures his opponent, johan, in a private fight.

as a result, johan is paralyzed. guilt ridden and worried, adam tries to find out whether johan knows that he is the culprit, but then inadvertently gets drawn into johan’s life when he finds out that his actions have caused lea and reza, johan’s family, to lose their only real breadwinner and hope.

he tries to seek forgiveness from johan but johan refuses to give it. in order to redeem himself, adam tries to change his old ways and gradually, when adam puts himself out of the way to pay for the medical bills of not only johan but reza, johan forgives him. the men form an unlikely bond and through his friendship with johan and reza, adam slowly starts to go back to his religion and through johan, tries to learn the scriptures.

after getting johan’s forgiveness, things take a turn for the worse when lea finds out that adam is the very reason that johan has been destroyed. she cannot forgive adam and tells him never to come back. johan’s condition suddenly worsens and just before he slips into a coma, reza goes to seek adam’s help. in order to find the money to save johan, the unprepared adam re-enters the mma cage for one last fight against his ultimate nemesis, mcsweeney, that might cost adam his own life.

duration 111 minutes
year of production 2018
director kabir bhatia
cast zul ariffin as adam, remy ishak as johan, mira filzah as lea, nik adam mika as reza, ray era as bob, fadhlan hazim : hafiz, james mcsweeney as james mcsweeney, carliff carleel as farid, andy the as lee
presented by primeworks studio, mm2 entertaiment, astro shaw, infinitus gold