the white storm 2 drug lords – infinitus entertainment limited 夢造者娛樂有限公司-j9九游会网

in the quadripartite drug market in hong kong, dizang (by louis koo) gradually expands across the border, followed by a chain of dog-eat-dog events which shock and bring the whole trade on high alert. on the other hand, tin (by andy lau), who hates drugs like poison because his father died of drugs when he was young, now a financial tycoon and a philanthropist, is offering a 100 million bounty to eliminate the no.1 drug dealer in hong kong, which causes a stir in society. policeman fung (by michael miu) has been collecting evidence for arresting dizang, helplessly, now he needs to protect dizang instead due to the bounty. the standoff between the three can only be ended with a final battle.

duration 139 minutes
genre cop action
year of production 2018
director herman yau
cast andy lau, louis koo, michael miu, karena lam
presented by universe entertainment limited
co-presented by sil-metropole organisation limited, focus films limited, sun entertainment culture limited, beijing hero films co., ltd.